Fellini — The Exhibition

EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam



Fellini — The Exhibition | EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam | Exhibition | 2013

Fellini – The Exhibition, arranged as a visual laboratory, reveals the sources of Fellini’s fertile imagination and shows how Fellini created a mythical image of himself and of Italian life both in his films and in the world at large. Moreover, the exhibition sheds light on the way in which he was able to break with the accepted linear narrative structure in his films, and how he addressed existential questions in a playful manner.
The exhibition includes fragments from the films, drawings made by Fellini, Fellini’s advertising films and the countless images from his dreams that inspired him. Furthermore, the exhibition brings together never previously-shown pictures by photographers such as Gideon Bachmann, Deborah Beer and Paul Ronald. Their behind-the-scenes photos illuminate the fantasy world of Cinecittà, the studio where Fellini shot virtually all his later films. An international selection of posters, several of which hail from the EYE collection, showed how Fellini himself tried to influence the public reception of his films over the years. Also on display are an array of magazines from the period 1960-1985 (Domenica and L’Espresso), which played an important role in forming the public image of the director, his films and the actors.

‘Fellini – The Exhibition is geen expositie die van de daken schreeuwt hoe geweldig Fellini was. En die des te meer effect sorteert wanneer je de tijd neemt om alle dwarsverbanden op je in te laten werken. Het van nissen en doorkijkjes vergeven zaalontwerp van Claus Wiersma steekt wat dat betreft precies goed in elkaar: drukke opstellingen maken net op tijd plaats voor grotere ruimtes waar je even op adem kunt komen. Ook geen gedoe met decorstukken… Een facsimile van Fellini’s dromenboek is dan nog het meest opvallende rekwisiet in deze puntgave expositie, die de beelden wonderwel voor zich laat spreken.’

De Volkskrant

exhibition designClaus Wiersma graphic designJoseph Plateau executionLandstra & de Vries av techniqueIndy Video light designMaarten Warmerdam documentationDaria Scagliola